Riverside Golf Centre Simulator Sales

Play The Game You Love From The Comfort of Your Own Home

If you are thinking you would like to be able to play golf in your own home this winter then you should talk to us. With more than 10 years of Simulator Rental and Sales experience, we are extremely confident we can supply and install the golf room of your dreams. The Golf Centre features four different types of simulators, 3 of which we're an authorized distributor and installer of. So we won't have a problem finding a product that's right for you.


Not only are we experts in the software, but we can also totally customize the simulator to fit your home or office environment. Standard stock options are available but we also feature floor, wall and ceiling coverings that will compare to some of the finest finished homes in the province. Give us an idea of your budget and we will help you to put together a golf room you can play comfortably in for years.


Our Simulator Product Line


TEE IT UP GOLF — Our most recent addition features E6 software that is known for its beautiful graphics as well as its shot analysis. There are more than enough golf courses to meet anyone’s needs and a practise facility that includes a driving range and short game area. 

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EAGLE STROKE GOLF — The backbone of indoor golf for the past 40 years and still going strong. Eagle Stroke features On Floor (Green) Putting, rather than on screen, but which is also available. With virtual 3D software the imaging is good and you really get the feel of being on a golf course.

Eagle Stroke Image


SPORTS COACH — A product from Great Britain that also does a good job of providing shot analysis.

Sports Coach Image


No two simulators are the same, but we feel we have a product that will meet the different needs and budgets of those looking to own their own golf course. If you are building a new home and are considering a simulator, please give us a call while you are still in the design and planning stage. We can then make sure you have the room to put together the most comfortable golf room possible. You can reach us at (403) 287-4653.